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New article up on Shepherd

It's always gratifying when someone asks you to put together some content for their website, so when the men and women at Shepherd reached out I was intrigued. They seem to be trying to build an alternative to Goodreads, essentially a giant web of "if you liked X try Y" driven by authors recommending other authors to readers who liked their own books.

At any rate, Ben reached out to me to ask for a list of five fantasy recommendations that I think people who liked The Mummy of Monte Cristo would also enjoy. It seemed like a fun challenge, so I rubbed my brain cells together and came up with my contribution to Shepherd's growing collection of recommendations: The best fantasy novels with unforgettable characters.

The idea came to me when I remembered a review praising MOMC for how fleshed-out each of the characters were and how they were each able to stand out even among such a large cast. I think I put together a pretty good list; it's got classic fantasy, space fantasy, a post-apocalypse, ancient history re-emerging in the modern world, and a good old-fashion road trip with ghosts. Enjoy!

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