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New book alert: The Marchioly Project

One great thing about the writing community is finding out about exciting new indie releases. One I just found out about today is P.A. Piatt's The Marchioly Project.

"Alexandru Statornik had everything - until it was all ripped away… As his life spirals downward, Alex is recruited for a top-secret government research project at a secret prison in the heartland of America. He expects to find a most-wanted terrorist, but what Alex discovers is more horrifying than he could have ever imagined. The government has been holding a prisoner for over a hundred and fifty years – and that prisoner is a vampire. When the project goes horribly wrong and the vampire escapes, it falls on Alex to hunt down and destroy the savage evil that has been unleashed on the world. If he fails, eternal darkness will settle over all of mankind."

I'm looking forward to checking this out as soon as I get the chance! Find The Marchioly Project at

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