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Black Friday $0.99 Book Sale

Ladies and gentlemen, Hans G Schantz is at it again. The author of the incredible The Hidden Truth series is back with his Big Black Friday $0.99 Book Sale for 2021, where he gathers phenomenal indie authors from all corners of the Internet to price their work at less than a dollar (or even free, in some cases!) Those are incredible savings on one hundred and fifty indie titles!

As always, my debut YA sci-fi horror story The Good Fight is in the mix. But this year, I'm very excited to be able to include The Mummy of Monte Cristo as well! That's right, you can follow Edmond's epic journey into undeath and revenge for just $0.99.

The Big Black Friday Book Sale is on now all through Black Friday weekend. Other titles in the sale include The Devil's Dictum (my book of the year for 2016), Fade (perfect for any fan of Supernatural or The Dresden Files) and Hell Spawn the first book in Declan Finn's Saint Tommy NYPD series.

I cannot stress this enough: go check it out!

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