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Semifinals and international attention

The Mummy of Monte Cristo isn't done getting noticed!

First, a very exciting development from overseas! Patrick de Jacquelot is a French journalist who also runs, a website where he collects and rates adaptations of Alexandre Dumas' considerable body of work. Recently, he posted a very thorough review and analysis of The Mummy of Monte Cristo, and even gave it his highest rating of three stars!

(Some spoilers are included, and unless you can read French you'll need to run it through a translator.)

Even better, I had a chance to sit down with Mr de Jacquelot over Zoom last weekend for a really fun chat. I'll let you know when that's available on his website!

On top of that, The Mummy of Monte Cristo has been recognized as a semi-finalist in the 2021 tenth annual Kindle Book Review Awards for the Horror and Suspense category! The finalists will be announced on October 1, and then the winners for each category in November.

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